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Designed in London and made in Jaipur, each item in our collection is hand block printed by our talented team of artisans, using the softest cotton. The age-old block printing technique is carried out entirely by hand and variations in print and colour are natural to the process and considered to be part of the inherent charm and beauty of the craft. We produce in small batches and are proud to be part of the slow fashion movement.

Hand block printing

Hand block printing is a delicate process whereby teak wooden blocks are carved by artisan block makers with our pattern. The block is then dipped in hand mixed dyes and stamped onto pure cotton fabric to create our stunning designs. This magical craft is centuries old and we strive to keep it alive today through our contemporary prints and designs.

  • So proud and honoured to be Junior Design Awards Winners of Best Interiors Product Design (Soft Furnishings): Bronze!

    "One of my favourite brands of the JDA's 2022. I absolutely love this softer than soft cotton covered in the most charming block prints. Froggies for me please!" Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, Junior

  • Our products are all crafted from pure cotton and the benefits of this natural fibre are endless. Cotton is breathable, absorbing moisture and allowing air to circulate. For bedding and nightwear, this keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is also soft and comfortable, durable and hypoallergenic. Most importantly of all, cotton is low maintenance! All of our products can be machine washed.

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